Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U14C vs  Wellington College
On: Saturday, 03 Feb 2024
Venue: at Home

RBCS Vs Wellington

Score 4 -1

Goals: Sam Jacobs, Peter Babcock, George Redfern & Arav Goswami

Player of the match: Rahul Tiku

In a thrilling encounter, RBCS faced a formidable opponent in Wellington College. The match showcased exceptional skill, physical prowess, and a commendable spirit from both sides.

The game kicked off with a bang as Sam delivered a beautiful free kick, setting the tone for a series of impressive plays. Moments of great teamwork, especially on the left wing between Sam and Peter, contributed to the team's success. George and Peter added two more goals before the halftime whistle.

Although Wellington College managed to score with a well-executed long ball, the first half belonged to RBCS, with spirits soaring high. Notable performances were observed in the midfield, with Peter, Alex and Max showing excellent coordination in the centres before spreading the ball out wide.

Defensively, Archie's and Massimo's control at the back limited Wellington's opportunities, ensuring a solid foundation. However, the standout player was Rahul, whose incredible pace and robust defence thwarted Wellington's attacks for much of the game.

Looking ahead, the team is optimistic about the next week, building on the positive momentum from this impressive victory. The cohesive play and individual performances bode well for future challenges.