Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U14B vs  St Albans School
On: Saturday, 16 Sep 2023
Venue: at Home

Score: 34-0 (loss)

Tries: N/A

Conversions: N/A

MVP(s): Rolton, Zheng.

The score is not the story, and this story is far from its end: the U14Bs fought a valiant match and were close to scoring several times but did not quite make it, and a few big hits from the opposition at inopportune times allowed them to score.

Despite this, there were some definite highlights!

Oscar Zheng stopped the opposition with a fierce chopping tackle just steps from the try line, and our lads managed to organise and push all the way back down to the 22. Not to be out done, Muskett struck from the centre with a few of his own big hits and there were several times it looked like Captain Rolton might have broken their lines all by himself.

The backs were hardly idle, either. Redfern organised a spirited defence, and Potter, Lai, and Berdat made the opposition pay for every inch of Blue Coat soil and showed off some deft handling to boot.

We were a bit injury prone, sadly, with Clark taken from our flanks thanks to a stray foot or fist (what a breakdown), Rolton succumbing to injury, Tram having to be nearly dragged off the field, and Rehman taking a hit in the final scrum.

It was a harder match than the previous decimating victory, but the U14Bs now have something to work towards.