Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U14B vs  Churcher's College
On: Saturday, 07 Oct 2023
Venue: at Home

Result: 21-17 (win)

Scorers: Muskett (*3)

Conversions: Barry (*3)

MVP(s): Muskett, Lai

The U4B-52 bombers got off to a tremendous start with a clear run down the centre but some exuberant and overconfident passes saw us lose possession mere metres from the try line. What followed was a fighting retreat in the best tradition though, sadly, even a cheeky 8-9 switch coming off a scrum couldn’t save us from conceding a try. What followed was worth it, however, as between Lai and Muskett the U14Bs equalised the score in the next 3 minutes, and the conversion from Barry handily put us ahead.

The second half ran where the first only walked and within 2 minutes Muskett was strolling down their right wing with some frankly balletic footwork to put us ahead. Barry kicks the ball like it took the last cookie in the tuck-shop and scores a second conversion. Not to be outdone, Churcher’s start to read our plays and manage two handy tries despite some insanely heavy hits by Berdat and Zheng, some gazelle like running by Lai, and an increasingly organised backline by Johnson, Przysowa, and Redfern.

The clock is ticking, the coffee-stand is out of cappuccinos, moments are left, will history consign our lads to a loss? There is a pretty nasty breakdown, with the ball making its way to Lee, Stone, Barry, Lai in short succession, then a gap appears, and Lai is off with it. Will he score? Not by himself! A handy pass to Muskett and a swift conversion turns victory from dream to fait accompli. Well done!