Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U14B vs  St Paul's School
On: Saturday, 25 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

Score: 52-14 (loss)

Scorers: Davies (2)

Conversions: Davies (2)

MVP: Davies

The B-239 Buffaloes (excellent plane, look it up) were outplayed, but emphatically not outclassed: there were some lines so flat they looked like dots to the birds above, and tackles so reluctant and half-hearted that not even a tennis umpire would object...but there was also lots of good play.

There were several great tackles and some antelope like runs by Muskett from the get go. After our first concession it looked like the boys were about to equalise after a lovely Redfern led manoeuvre from the line-out. Who knows what would happened had Lai not been brought to ground and off the pitch? (don't worry, he was in next half)

Other tackle awards have to go to Tram for what looked suspiciously like a slide-tackle and to Rolton for stopping their assault just metres from our try-line.

A lot to learn from that!