Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U14B vs  Bishop Wordsworth's School
On: Saturday, 23 Sep 2023
Venue: Away

Result: 47-20 (loss)

Scorers: Rolton (2); Leach (1), Muskett (1)

Conversions: N/A

MVP(s): Potter

Someone clearly stole the alarm clock, because the boys started the first half asleep and though the 14Bs managed a spirited defense 2 metres from the try line, we ultimately conceded a try. This sets the tone for much of the game: the team forced the opposition to fight hard but a few lapses here and there bled us bit by bit. There were a lot of highlights, however: Muskett scored the first try from our 5 metre, bursting through the entire team; Leach and Rolton were a deadly two many team, seizing the ball almost at will from the opposition, and Potter's one man tackle on their biggest player, driving him into touch just yards from our try line was the stuff of legends. There were endless amounts of gazelle like footwork by Lai and Johnson and the half-time return of Zheng allowed him and Barry to do a great impression of lumberjacks on some poor unsuspecting trees.