Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U14C vs  Reddam House School Boys-U14A
On: Tuesday, 03 Mar 2020
Venue: Away

RBC 0 : Reddam 7

Man of the match - Ollie Paice for his constant efforts, often under a lot of exposed pressure, who certainly thwarted a number of goals.

A really tough afternoon for the 14C team against a strong and cohesive Reddam side. Pressure was exerted from the start on our defence and, steadily as the game went on, we began to be more aware of the threats from their attack and how to mitigate them. Still, some wonderful through balls from Reddam meant we were on the back foot regularly and after 10 minutes we conceded our first goal. By the end of the first half we had lost two more and, despite periods of very impressive football from Blue Coat, we lost a further four in the second half.

Although clear from early on that this would be a very difficult game, what canwe learn from it? My sense from the sideline was that either our fitness was a little lacking, or our hunger for the ball was. If we are not in possession, every member of the team is effectively defending and we must press and hound for all we are worth, hoping to regain possession or force an error from them. Never let them have an easy ride! Following this, when we do get the ball back, move into space to offer realistic options. Constant movement keeps the opposition on their toes, ensuring they are not allowed to settle and predict what will happen next. Never give them an easy ride!

There were some great moments or moves when this was certainly the case and we transferred the pressure onto Reddam. The potential is there, if the hunger is. Let's see how we fair against their B team in the re-match!

Mr Thomas