Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U16A vs  City of London Freemen's
On: Saturday, 21 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

RBC 31 : CLF 24

Try scorers: Harry Martin 3, Matt Crook 2, 3 conversions from Tom Dexter

MVP: Matt Crook

Whilst the technical nuances of the game might have side stepped my attention, the levels of passion and intensity through the game did not. This was a match deservedly won by Blue Coat, but one in which we dominated when our desire and intensity were high, but allowed a tenacious CLF to keep in touch when we took our foot off the passion pedal.

We looked set to draw first blood as, from the kick, MVP Matt Crook, who had an outstanding game in defence and attack, took the ball in the air and we spent the first few minutes trying to breach the defences on the try line. CLF had a reprieve and capitalised, sending the ball down to our half and scoring the first of their 4 tries. Our first try came from Harry Martin's swift legs and was converted by Tom, then Matt C got the first of his two tries, one of which was an exceptional solo effort, catching the ball from deep in Blue Coat's half, running hard and leaving failed tackle attempts in his wake as he sped over the line. The first half finished 17:12 to Blue Coat, with us seemingly in control.

However........the second half began poorly. A few minor errors, a little less va va voom in the rucks and CLF were back in the game, scoring to draw level, then again to put them 7 points clear. But Blue Coat never capitulated and, always encouraged by Harry West who led the side brilliantly and made many crucial tackles, the boys kept working and supporting one another. A crucial try was finished by Harry Martin, his second of three, but was a team effort, with CLF simply unable to defend well enough against the supportive and determined running in the backs. The same could be said of our final try, begun wonderfully by Matt Crook fending off several of the opposition before being halted 10 metres inside their half. On his outside was one, then another support runner, finally with Harry Martin bursting through and unstoppable to the try line, followed by Tom Dexter's third conversion to take us 7 points clear.

CLF had some powerful boys and Blue Coat needed to front up with their tackles, which they did very well. Some tremendous strength was shown by Callum Perkins, working tirelessly at the breakdown alongside the rest of the pack; none shirked and should be very proud of their efforts.

No doubt some things to learn, but an excellent win. Well done, boys!