Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School 3rd XI vs  Cokethorpe School
On: Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019
Venue: at Home

We should be happy with an 8-1 win, sadly I am not. We were clearly the more experienced team. Although at times we played some good football, we should have used this as a chance to put together 20 passes and play more possession. Football is not always about the score or winning, it is about developing as a player and as team. Sadly we learnt that we can dominate a less experienced team. Moving forward we need to have the skills and resilience to fight back when we go 2-0 down as we did when we played Shiplake. There were strong performances from Aaran who chased every ball and passed intelligently. Louis Brown dominated the middle of the pitch and Tausif scored a number of goals that left the goalkeeper flat footed.