Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School 3rd VII vs  Reading Blue Coat School Girls-U18D
On: Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

The match of the season was well worth the wait. Brimming with anticipation, the C1 took on the C2 team, predictably, at home! Once the girls settled in to play, goals went in from both teams and by the end of the first quarter sat at 6-3 to the C1. A superb come back from C2 brought them one point ahead by half time and as they ventured outside onto the astro for the second part of the game, the fan clubs got vocal and you could have been at Wembley Stadium judging by the noise. C2's then took a lead of 5 in the third quarter and then heads were together for some tactical moves and shifts putting players where their strengths lie for the last 12 minutes of play. Excellent play from the C1's with shooting from Captain and player of the match, Erin Martin with partner Eleanor Blogg; central court play from Anya Donnolly, Anushka Gupta, Emily Henry, Elena Kryvossidis and Megan Hanrahan and defensive pay from Hannah Stowe and Alex Oviedo was all that was needed for the win which rang in at 27-18. Well done, girls!