Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School Boys-U16A vs  St Edward's School, Oxford
On: Tuesday, 09 Oct 2018
Venue: at Home

An impressive 3-0 victory in a friendly fixture against our now familiar local opponent, played at Sonning GC on a balmy and bright Autumn afternoon.

Despite the "friendly" label, these were important matches for debutants coming into our side to help build their experience and also to help develop a squad ethos. Rookies Thomas Warren in Y7 and Rikhil Bansal in Y11 did not disappoint and were wholeheartedly commended by their playing partners. Both Ollie Bryant and Toby Pressey also perfromed well in what was only their second outing

Luca Knowles and Thomas Warren won 5 and 4

William Frood and Toby Pressey won 5 and 4

Ollie Bryant and Rikhil Bansal won by 7 and 6

Mr Bateman was the only player to let the side down with a lacklustre loss by 4 and 3 to MIC golf at Teddies, Mr Roche.

We now look forward to the next round of the ISGA singles matchplay against Reeds Scool A team next Wednesday - good luck to Will Tate, Luca Knowles and Eddie Wang.