Match Report
Reading Blue Coat School 3rd VII vs  Leighton Park School
On: Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020
Venue: at Home

Another amazing victory for this strong 3rd VII with a 32-5 win against Leighton Park at home with Charley Phillips taking player of the match for a second time.

The contest was on from the outset with excellent communication and breadth of play from the whole team. Defensively, Lucy and Del intercepted time and again, and Charley with Claudia sent home double figures goals each at the attacking end. Annabelle and Anya anticipated each pass and Mila contested with strong determination. With the opposition tiring in the 4th quarter, our girls never let up and with their fan club and team manager driving them on, they netted 13 goals in 12 minutes alone. So proud of you all. So proud. Mrs F.