Reading Blue Coat School Sports Map

Address Reading Blue Coat School
Holme Park
Telephone 0118 944 1005
Fax 0118 944 2690
Sport Map Legend
Main School Entrance

Lat: 51.46952, Long: -0.91409
1st Team Pitch
1st XI football pitch during the Spring Term and 1st XV rugby pitch during the Autumn term. The athletics track is here during the Summer Term.
Lat: 51.47189, Long: -0.91585
1st XI Cricket Pavillion
1st XI cricket Pavilion. Sometimes the changing rooms on either end of the building are used for visiting teams.
Lat: 51.46909, Long: -0.91659
Boat House
School boat house
Lat: 51.47007, Long: -0.92028
Bottom Dunster
Football and Rugby pitch.
Lat: 51.47141, Long: -0.91442
Club House
Reading Hockey Club
Lat: 51.46600, Long: -0.91285
3rd Cricket Square (nearest Sonning Lane)
Lat: 51.46681, Long: -0.91502
Holme Park 1
Football and Rugby pitch
Lat: 51.46855, Long: -0.91564
Holme Park 2
Football and Rugby pitch on side of field nearest Reading Rugby club.
Lat: 51.46759, Long: -0.91641
Holme Park 3
Football pitch on Sonning Lane side running alongside the road.
Lat: 51.46740, Long: -0.91506
Holme Park 4
Football and Rugby pitch on far side of Holme Park
Lat: 51.46657, Long: -0.91553
2nd Cricket Square (nearest on Holme Park field)
Lat: 51.46805, Long: -0.91559
Match Tea for Parents in RAB building
Refreshments for parents after matches are served in the Middle School Common Room at the end of the Richard Aldworth Building. This venue can be accessed via the steps that overlook the 1st team and Dunster pitches.
Lat: 51.47094, Long: -0.91558
4th Cricket Square (nearest Reading RFC)
Lat: 51.46746, Long: -0.91659
Reading square
This is the 4th and most junior cricket square, nearest Reading RFC and used by U12's for School and Berkshire County.
Lat: 51.46692, Long: -0.91630
Sonning Field
Sonning Field Football pitch over the road next to Berkshire Sports Car Park
Lat: 51.46986, Long: -0.91262
Sonning Golf Club

Lat: 51.46526, Long: -0.90118
Sports Centre Entrance
Changing rooms, dining hall and sports hall all found here. The entrance is facing the car park.
Lat: 51.46990, Long: -0.91751
Top Dunster
Top Dunster. Football and Rugby pitch.
Lat: 51.47062, Long: -0.91519
Way Hall Field
Training area
Lat: 51.47143, Long: -0.91704